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  1. I’ve always kept a good pair of hoops at the ready. Its a nice standard to have in your wardrobe.I bought these to replace my old set. They look great, but they are a bit thinner and softer than my old pair. They warp if you tug them out too quickly, and have to be reshaped. Still, they always look fabulous.

  2. This is the most beautiful, unique and feminine wedding set I have ever seen.I contemplated over this ring for a month. I comparison shopped but was drawn to this ring.Even though, I had so many questions about the ring; decided that I would go ahead and order it and I am so thrilled that I did!My first question was regarding the actual size of the stone. Was the 1.8 carat weight description for the center stone alone or did that include the accent stones that went around the band as well?Well, the stone is real close to 7mm (Please don’t take that as exact as I was using a tape measure from my sewing kit to try and gauge the size) So, in conclusion, I would say it is a safe bet that the carat weight described is for the main stone; which initially was slightly larger than what I was looking for but when paired with the wedding band is perfectly balanced.My next question was the quality of the stone? Was it going to be clear? Refract light well? Sparkle?Yes! The center stone (as well as the small accent stones) have a lot of sparkle! Even in dim lighting the ring catches the light well. May I even dare say that this is of AAAAA Standard or even comparable to Russian Ice on Fire… the stones are exquisite and beautiful! … without that overdone “fake-looking” fire or worse without sparkle at all *gasp*.My final question was about the band. Was it as dainty and feminine as it looks in the picture? Is it too thin? Too thick? Do the accent stones go all the way around? Overall quality of the band and setting?The band is beautiful! It is smooth with a high polish shine to it. The accent stones go all the way around. It is hallmarked 925. The band is not bulky and very comfortable to wear.The main stone’s setting is secure and just as intricately detailed as the band..The band was true to size. Time will only tell though on durability and quality of the metal and finish and will update if necessary.I am extremely happy with this ring, in fact LOVE this ring! It is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful buy. Highly recommended.

  3. great size !!This is not a small pendant. It shows very well on me–5’4"– . The pearl is beautiful and the pendant lays flat on the chest.The chain that comes with it is a "presentation" chain, so it is not thick ; but it is not the thinnest I have seen either. Pendant’s bail is good size so it will accommodate another chain. I am very pleased with this piece and consider it a good value.

  4. Delivered fast, product is as advertised, packaged to protect. size is as advertised and quality is evident. Would definitely recomend this product to others. This was 1 of several I ordered and I love them.

  5. Pretty earrings. Totally clear & comfortable with the easy to wear clasp. Good for work or every day. I gave them 4 stars because they weren’t a sparkly as some, but they are white/clear quartz & not diamonds sooooo, that is expected. They are pretty & a nice size. The stone is about the size of a quarter.Bvlgari Black Replica